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From: Mathew and Mitch Benvie
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Halifax, NS
Dear Halifax Resident,

Our names are Matt and Mitch Benvie and we are Body Transformation Experts here at Evolve Fitness. We have devoted our lives to helping people like you lose fat and get fit. People who are busy, who don’t have time to spend hours in the gym but want to feel and look lean and healthy! It is truly our passion to spend time with and help our clients get the best results possible. We know there isn’t a better job than one where you get to come to work every day and really make a difference.What if we said we had a program that could get you in the best shape of your life in less than 30 minute a day? What if we also told you that you will get results or your money back? It might sound like a bold claim but we are so confident that our program delivers fat loss and fitness results like no other that we are backing it up with a MONEY BACK guarantee (you don’t pay a dime if you don’t get results)!

Contact us today so we can set up your free consultation and goal setting session to see if training with us is right for you!


I lost 160 lbs.!


I lost 15 lbs. and 9 inches!
“Mathew Benvie and Evolve Fitness have made a dream come true for me! A few short months ago I was overweight and unhappy. Thoughts of my upcoming 10 year wedding anniversary filled me with despair. Read more


Results Or Your Money Back
  • put an end to boring cardio
  • learn how to burn body fat 24/7
  • no BS, butt-kicking workouts EVERYTIME
  • get results in as little as 30 minutes a day
  • ditch the crash diets and learn how to eat for life
  • guaranteed or your money back (no other trainer has the guts to make this offer)

*come see us for full details

I lost 43 lbs and 9.5 inches in 8 weeks!

“My experience with the evovle fittness body transformation contest has been one of the best in my life. The workouts that were offered by these men were quick simple and challenging so that they could easily be worked into my extremly busy schedule. Read more


“I met Matt and Mitch 9 weeks ago at the beginning of the contest. I had heard a lot about them from a friend who had started going once a week but had not actually been in to see the place. After gaining one too many pounds over Christmas break I decided it was time to do something about my weight and fitness level.” Read more

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