laura bakerMathew Benvie and Evolve Fitness have made a dream come true for me! A few short months ago I was overweight and unhappy.  Thoughts of my upcoming 10 year wedding anniversary filled me with despair.  I had dreamed for so long about travelling to NOLA with my husband to renew our vows and wanted more than anything to wear the wedding dress that fit me so wonderfully all those years ago.  Today I am happy to say that the dress once again fits and I am more toned and stronger than I have ever been.  The workouts were great and as each session passed, I developed more confidence and more strength.  After a decade of yo yo dieting and losing and gaining the same 35 pounds year after year, I now feel as though maintenance is something I will finally be successful at as well.  Only time will tell but my training at Evolve has introduced me to a healthier lifestyle.  I eat better, workout more often and am much more active.  I am now training for a half marathon in October – something I never would have believed I could accomplish.  I am grateful that working with Matt has impacted my life so much – I am finally a strong, self confident woman who is determined to be fit and healthy for life.  I could not have accomplished this on my own.  I would HIGHLY recommend Evolve Fitness to anyone interested in improving or maintaining their health and fitness.  I look forward to boot camp and more training sessions in the future!







Teri and Heather


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