jadawebThey say a picture says a thousand words but in this case, I have to disagree! Don’t get me wrong! When my trainer, Mathew Benvie from Evolve Fitness, sent my before and after pictures I was absolutely thrilled at the differences I could see in my physique with only 6 pounds and 6 inches off of my frame. So what is my problem with the pictures? They can’t say the thousand words that I could write about how my life has changed working with Matt and his brother Mitch.
I had a great time training and working out with Matt. Yes, I said a great time! Not often a word synonymous with weight training and cardio but Matt made it fun. I looked forward no matter how tired I was – to heading down to my workouts at Evolve. It was actually very easy to fit three 30 minutes strength training sessions into my crazy busy schedule!
My story is not unlike most. Mother of two little boys, full time job as a teacher and I can’t forgot my poor husband! Daughter to elderly parents in need of care and trying not to lose my friends because I never have time or I am too tired to get together! However, it came to the point that I had to carve out some time for me. I was quickly putting on weight and the girl who used to be in not too bad shape was not the person I was seeing in the mirror. I was feeling down in the dumps and caught in the common catch 22 of: I am too tired to work out even though I know if I do, I will feel better. Yikes! I managed to take off 12 pounds before I met Matt but it was NOT enough. A little slimmer yes but flabby and still no real energy or stamina.
Matt and Mitch do not fit the stereotypical idea of a trainer. They don’t demean you, yell at you or push you too hard too fast. They designed a program that challenged me every time I stepped into their gym. I was never bored with the workouts and I was amazed as they took me from doing 3 push-ups to 22, from just heading out for a walk to the endurance to run 5K! They are funny, motivating and amazing at what they do! As I watched the pounds on the weights and the repetitions in my workouts go up, the scale and the measurements went down. I sleep better, eat better and I am more alert and energetic through my day. I don?t have to force myself to get through the day!! My clothes fit better (or again!?) and I feel good. I have not been able to say that for years. Thanks so much! I am so grateful that these two young men came into my life!







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