heatherwebI signed up with Evolve with the intentions of simply losing weight. I was training to run my first half marathon, and completely lost focus on my strength training and diet, and had started to put on the pounds. I had tried working out on my own, but that always faded out. I wanted a personal trainer, but not the ‘box gym’ type, as I had terrible experiences in the past. I wanted someone to challenge me, guide me, and help me keep my focus.

Mathew and Mitch Benvie exceeded my expectations. Even though I could barely walk after our first training sessions, it was Evolve that triggered my love for physical fitness. At first, I wanted to do well so that they would not be disappointed in my, but as time went by, and I got fitter – it changed. I began to not want to disappoint myself!
I’ve seen amazing changes in both my body and my confidence level – it astounds me what I now know I am capable of doing – and I have the Benvie boys to thank for that!

I really fell in love with Evolve’s energetic unique training approach – and personalized attention. When you walk in the door, you know you are going to be faced with new challenges and a chance to push through your current fitness level. Mathew and Mitch constantly inspired and motivated me to keep pushing beyond my preconceived limits (even though I’m sure they heard me cursing underneath my breath).

I have nothing but the best to say about Evolve. They changed exercise from something I dreaded doing – to the highlight of my day. I have changed from an occasional exerciser, to someone who has found their path. While I still have a way to reach my ultimate goal, I’ve finally found my way!







Teri and Heather


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