A Day With Paul Plakas From X-Weighted

Let me begin by saying that I consider myself to be an honest person. When I relay information to others, it is always something I truly believe in and I try to use an appropriate level of enthusiasm. Yesterday I had the opportunity to host Paul Plakas for a seminar and bootcamp for roughly 60 people. I watch X-Weighted all the time and to be honest, I found Paul to be kind of a jerk on the show! Either way, I thought getting him to Halifax would at least be a good learning experience and great exposure for Evolve Fitness. I can now say that I was absolutely wrong about Paul. We chatted on the phone a couple of times and I could tell he was a really genuine guy then in person who was even better. He was excited to come to Halifax and share his story with me and give me advice on what helped his business (which started very similar to mine in Edmonton)!

So after a lot of work from a lot of people, the big day was Saturday, September 17th. I was completely blown away with the seminar! Paul spoke for two hours and made it seem like 10 minutes. He completely engaged the crowd and was hilarious. Aside from those attributes, the knowledge he relayed to the participants was great. The content of his presentation was completely relevant to the majority of the population as he talked about being lean, fit and injury free. Not only did I learn a lot from him, but I was inspired to continue to be the best trainer I can be for my clients. I really encourage everyone to check out his website www.paulplakas.com as it has some great content available. You can also “like” his page on facebook and get some great information there as well.
After things were all said and done and Paul finished taking pictures and signing autographs, we went out to lunch then over to the Evolve studio. This was great as Paul gave some great suggestions on how I could make things better and different things I could add to make my services even better! I should also mention that I have two new trainers Dan Evans (he helped out with me all summer) and Tracy Giacomantonio who also took in the entire day. Look for updates on those two amazing trainers on the blog and website soon!

All in all, it was a really awesome day. I am already thinking of how we can do things better next time and get Paul back here soon with an even bigger crowd. I honestly can’t say I have ever taken in a presentation on fitness this great and I really wanted to share that fact with everyone just in case he does come to the area again.

If anyone has any questions about Paul and his seminar please feel free to contact me at anytime.