A Great Day & SUCCESS!


I could go on and on about how being a personal trainer is the best job in the world.  I get to hang out in a gym all day and interact with all kinds of cool people while helping them achieve very important goals in their lives.  I just wanted to share a success story of three girls who made my day last Friday and reminded me just how lucky I am…..

I was coming to the end of a long week of sessions when Christy, Julia and Hannah arrived for their final session with me.  They started as a group of three a few months earlier and stayed with me right up until the end of their school year at SMU.  This session they greeted me with a card that told me I was awesome and thanked me for kicking their butts followed by a big group hug and workout.  Hopefully they didn’t notice at the time but I got a little choked up at the thought of not seeing them three times a week anymore.   Even through a lot of complaining about my country music and “a little” complaining about tough workouts, they were very consistent and showed great progress and enthusiasm throughout.  With busy schedules at school and work they managed to come see me three times a week and also worked out on their own on off days.  So after our group hug we did a weigh in and all of their hard work showed as together they lost a total of 35.8 pounds and 16.25 inches!!  It made me very proud to see how far they had come, not only with the weight they lost but in the strength gains they had made.  We broke through many mental and physical barriers (like doing real pushups) and had fun doing it! They also left me that day with the tools necessary to keep making progress and while I will keep in touch with them, I wish them the best of luck.  Stay tuned for pictures on my fan page after Christy joins me for the Bluenose 10k!  GREAT job girls, I will miss you guys!SAM_0068

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