New Recipes!

untitledNew Recipes

I have a couple great new recipes that I have come up with.  I am a natural peanut butter fiend and while my omelette creation sounds gross, I do recommend giving it a try as it is a great low carb meal!  The shake recipe is similar to my other shakes just with a few extra quality calories!

Egg white/PB Omelette

-1/2 carton egg whites (or desired amount)

-vegetables (use whatever you like in an omelette, I only use tomatoes and mushroom)

-mix 1 tbsp natural PB with 2 tbsp salsa and one tbsp fat free mayo

*When you flip the omelette, add the mixture to half of the omelette and cook until finished.  You can also add a serving of low fat cheese if you like.

Meal Replacement Shake

-1 cup frozen blueberries

-1/2 cup whole grain oats

-1 and a ½ cups skim milk

-1 tbsp natural PB

-1 scoop chocolate promasil (whey protein)

*Add these in the blender with a few ice cubes and enjoy!  This can be used as extra calories for those looking to gain weight or as a meal replacement for those going for weight loss or maintenance!


As you can tell I am addicted to natural peanut butter and use it often.  Feel free to contact me at for other natural pb recipes!

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