“Fit Family”

When I think about my life in the future and having a wife and kids, I always picture what my wife might be like (she turns out awesome of course) and how our kids turn out.  I see a happy home with kids who get good marks in school, play an instrument, play sports and are extremely polite and personable.  You might be thinking “well this guy has a lot to learn” but hey, I am 23 and have lots time for learning!

 As a personal trainer, I feel lucky to interact with all kinds of great people!  I want to share a success story from a family that helps me to see that it is possible to get all of those things I think about.

 Fit Family-The Merchants:

 The Merchants are a family of 5 with Rob and Jane the parents and Jack (15), Erik (18) and Ellen (13) the kids!  In order to keep my good relationship with the Merchants, I have not included the parents’ ages…..

 Erik and I started training together in May as he prepared for the Canada Games (soccer) in August.  We are fairly close in age and Erik is now at Acadia taking the same program I took at St. FX so we hit it off instantly.  Even with soccer 4 times a week, Erik managed to gain a lot of strength through the summer and even packed on a few pounds of muscle.  We kept a pretty strict training regiment and Erik was able to follow my diet guidelines to the best of his ability.  He is proof that if you put in the effort, the results will follow.

 In September Erik took off to Acadia and I got a call from his dad Rob. Rob and his wife Jane were looking to start up with me and train together.  Soon after, they began seeing me twice a week and have been coming steadily since.  It is awesome having husbands and wives come in together and watching them interact.  Rob and Jane are great as they always work hard but never take themselves too seriously.  We make the Body Break slogan come true every time we workout: “Get Fit and Have Fun”. Their results have been spectacular and I will give you a great example.  Jane has gone from not being able to do one pushup to doing four sets of 12.  Rob could do eight when we started and now does 30 no problem.  Both have lost 2% body fat and have had noticeable increases in every exercise we do!

 The story continues as Jack started training in December.  Jack is a great kid and really listens to the knowledge I am passing along to him.  He wakes up and gets a good breakfast in him everyday and looks forward to coming to the gym with me after school.  Not only does he workout but he recently participated in a school play, he skis, plays soccer and used to be in a choir (sorry Jack!).  Through two months, Jack has progressed rapidly.  Everyone he knows has commented on his leaner/stronger physique which is a product of his effort in the gym.  Like Erik, Jack has a lot of heart and puts full effort into each exercise which has given him the full benefits!


I look forward to always having a positive relationship with the Merchants; maybe someday we will get Ellen in to complete the family workouts!

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